While you are away I will provide a caring home environment for your bunny with premium provisions.

Your bunny’s diet  will include:

  • Fresh hay every day in a cleaned litter box and in a hay receptacle
  • A variety of fresh greens twice daily
  • Fresh water in a crock
  • Other food items (pellets or treats) that bunny brings from home

Accommodations include a 4’x4’ pen cleaned daily, a hidy box with hay loft and toys to keep bunny busy.

I realize that being away from home can cause stress to rabbits so I will do my best to make your bunny feel comfortable while on “vacation.”  Having had rabbits in my home since 2001 and being a foster mom and volunteer for the local animal shelter, I’ve come to know many different rabbit personalities.  Getting to know your rabbit’s needs and seeing to it that they are met will be of primary importance to me.

I’ve been asked about vacationing rabbits’ interaction with each other with concerns about socialization, bonding, fighting or mating.   Bunnies always enjoy their playroom time individually (or as bonded pairs).

Dinner salad mix

Dinner salad mix

Veggie garden

A small vegetable garden provides a delicious treat to have with their regular salad.

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